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Testimonials - Colleagues
I have had the very delightful pleasure of witnessing Dubravka Zubovic  work with our vocal students here at Saddleback College this year. Ms. Zubovic  obviously brings an enormous wealth of professional experience to our students, but more importantly, she has an excellent manner of explaining both concrete and abstract concepts. As we are a two year institution, we have students with wide disparity of levels of ability. Ms. Zubovic is able to work with students at varied stages in their development successfully. She is particularly adept in helping students understand the rigors of diction and character. Though possessing a thorough grasp of the technical aspects of vocal production, she always gets to the emotional and expressive aspect of whichever musical problem she is addressing.
In addition to her great musicianship, Ms. Zubovic has relevant first hand working insight into the professional opera world and can very specifically address what particular opera companies might want to see from prospective artists. Her contagious enthusiasm is inspiring and she is a veritable fountain of creative thinking and ideas. Her talent and excellent teaching ability is matched by her charm, grace, poise, and intellect.

Joey Sellers
Chair, Music Department
Director, Jazz Studies
Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, California
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