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Testimonials - Colleagues

To All Aspiring Opera Singers and Voice Students,

After knowing Dubravka Zubovic for a number of years, passion is one of the first descriptions that comes to my mind. She has a deep passion for opera and classical music that has been enhanced with years of world famous opera roles and productions on her resume. Dubravka has an extensive understanding of foreign languages,both in meaning and pronunciation, which is very important for a vocal teacher to posses.

Without understanding the text, you cannot move forward with the emotional connection or musical phrasing in a selection, and Dubravka is superb at finding just that. By keeping the individual singer in mind, Dubravka guides them to proper song selection and increased technical abilities through various exercises and examples. Dubravka is an example of a natural gift in her vocal abilities, but also in her knowledge base of how to help others achieve success, however they chose to measure it. Myself having a thriving professional career and now being an adjunct professor of voice at Chapman University, I wanted to take a moment to highly recommend Dubravka Zubovic to singers of all levels from beginning to advanced. She has the skills and tools required to help you improve on your breathing, technique, tone quality, and vocal consistency through private lessons. Dubravka is a gem of a singer and a fantastic teacher for many vocal students.

Milena Kitic
Artist in Residence; Chapman University

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