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​"A 'Carmen' fresher and more dramatically engaging than anything I've ever seen in Australia or abroad.  DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC brilliantly defined standard of “excellence”.

Adelaide Review - Roger Knight 1993

"Special praise must go to DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC as Carmen. She had everything - voice, acting and the movements of the ultimate seductress. A performance never to be forgotten.."  (State Opera So. Australia)
Advertiser- Adelaide

"The most stunning live ingredient was the ravishing Dalila of DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC - ravishing in three ways - histrionically, as well as to the eye and ear."
(State Opera, So. Australia)
Opera, Australia​

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC's characterization of Dalila is brilliant, with a great intensity.”
Geelong News - Australia

HEADLINE - "ZUBOVIC CASTS SUBTLE SPELL"... "The star performance is Ms. Zubovic's Dalila, wonderfully sung and acted with real commitment, with a voice and appearance to match."

Advertiser – Australia

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC sings and acts Carmen with passion…".
The Bulletin - Sidney

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC is one of the most exciting and seductive Carmen in the world of Opera.  Her performance was a triumph. She took over the stage not only with her voice, but also with her passionate acting.”
Yugoslavia – Montenegro

"Magnificent singing and acting - Adalgisa (Norma) by DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC".
Vecer, Macedonia

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC, performing the role of Nancy (Albert Herring) was on the highest level of singing and acting."
Politika, Belgrade – Yugoslavia

"In the role of Fenena (Nabucco) DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC was excellent."
Slobodna Dalmacija, Croatia – Split

"Musical maturity and acting of DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC was superb.”- Polina ( La Dame de Pique ).
Politika, Yugoslavia, Belgrade

"Her voice - beautiful, rich, dark color."
Vjesnik, Croatia

"Voluminous, flexible resonant voice, beautiful  color, exceptional singing."
Vjesnik, Croatia

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC, whose powerful and voluminous voice reigned within the Synagogue space sprouting and vibrating in a moment with a stir, and in the other with a passionate pouring out of the song's emotions."
Dnevnik, Serbia - Recital

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC - mezzo-soprano rossiniano che si distreggia abilmente anche nel repertorio drammatico".
Il Giorno, Italy

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC - belle Yugoslave. deploie, elle, toutes les seductions du monde pour la Habanera de "Carmen" mais donue de "Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer"de Brahms une version bein exterieure ..."
Tribune de Geneve, Switzerland

"...a musical adjustment and expression of her phrase were on the great level, as well as a soloist, or with the ensemble..."
"... A charm of her exceptional stage appearance..."
Politika Ekspres, Serbia - Carmen

"... DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC ... from the first aria, with the sense of self-confidence, took a step of a success and a triumph..."
"… she took over the stage and at the same time, the audience, not only with her voice, but even with a great looks, acting, temperament and an irresistible stage charm.  DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC is today, probably, one of the most exciting and seductive Carmens in the world of Opera."
Radio Titograd, Montenegro - Carmen 

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC ... in the role of Adalgisa, beautiful and powerful singer ..."
Vecer, Macedonia - Norma - Adalgisa

"...a magnificent singing and acting creation of Adalgisa."
Vecernji list, Croatia - Norma – Adalgisa

"... with a detailed acting and singing D. ZUBOVIC created the part of Suzuki."
Politika, Serbia - Madama Butterfly

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC won over the audience with a sincere expression and self-confidence."
Politika Ekspres, Belgrade - Orfeo of the 20-th century

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC .… who with a beauty of singing and an expressive warmth was the culmination of the evening."
Vjesnik, Croatia - Orfeo of the 20-th century

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC has sang absolutely superiorly ..."
Nin, Serbia – Orfeo of the 20-th century

".... a  beautiful, rich, dark color of the voice ..."
Radio Zagreb, Croatia - Recital

"... beautifully colored mezzo soprano ...
... a healthy and  fresh voice, soft and expressed sonority of a lower and the lowest tones ...
.., certainly musical with a spiritual sense of musical expression."
Politika Ekspres  - Recital

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC has a dramatic realization of a miniature entirety; an ability for the fast adjustment in a different atmosphere.
"… has a voluminous, flexible, resonant voice, beautiful color; sings with the exceptional high register."
Politika, Serbia - Recital

"...the voice of voluminous range, of balanced registers and a charasteristic color ..."
... has sung in six different languages with an excellent diction .
... excellent interpreter of a different music styles."
Vjesnik, Zagreb - Recital

"DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC excites with the beautiful color of voice, not intrusive, but convincing and for the all part specially adapting interpretation, what shows the authenticity and knowledge of the style characteristic."
OKO, Serbia - Recital

"Inspiring and Sincere…..
DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC has the vocal qualities and a great artistic culture, which she places in service of spiritual expression. In irreproachably clear intonation, with warm colors end dynamics, equalizing diction and elasticity of her voluminous voice, she succeeded very suggestively to conjure all the power of the A. Dvorak's Biblical Songs opus 99."
Slobodna Dalmacija, Croatia

"Carmen of High Qualities…..
The first impression the artist left on the stage has confirmed that she in her figure, appearance and performance wears all elements, which are usually associated with the name of a beautiful Spanish Gipsy. Her creation of this complex character, musically and theatrically presented the exceptional music event. DUBRAVKA ZUBOVIC possesses a sonorous mezzo -soprano, pleasant timbre with the great voice transformation capabilities.
Charming, on the stage very impulsive and convincing, she created Carmen as a Gipsy who likes glory and money, egocentric and mysterious woman."
Rijecki List, Croatia

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