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Testimonials - Colleagues

I cannot speak enough for the wealth of knowledge that Mrs. Zubovic-Radosevic brings to the vocal program at Saddleback College. After having a wonderful career singing all over the world with some of the finest opera houses, orchestras, and singers, she has so much experience that every singer at every level will be able to learn from her. Her eagerness to work with young singers is only surpassed by her extreme love of people and music. She is engaging, electric, fascinating, and extremely charming.
The voice students at Saddleback College absolutely adore her and they hang on every word of instruction that she gives. She is a joy to work with, and has been so encouraging to every aspect of the music program here at Saddleback. Mrs. Zubovic-Radosevic is so full of ideas, energy, and a joie de vivre the likes of which I have never seen before. It is no surprise that she was one of the major stars of music in Europe for her twenty-five year career.
Both professional and amateur singers will learn so much about music, singing, and life from this incredible artiste. She is a true gem and I feel truly privileged to work with her on a daily basis. I constantly am amazed at the drive, tenacity, and sharp intellect that absolutely oozes from every ounce of her being. Any student that is lucky enough to study with her will never forget her.


Scott Farthing, DMA
Professor of Music
Chair of the Department of Music
Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, California


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