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Testimonials - Students
Dubravka Zubovic is an excellent wealth of knowledge and inspirational teacher. She has encouraged me as a singer to think more musically not only in vocal tone, but also in emotional connections furthered by increased technique. Dubravka always has the singer's best interest in mind, teaching at the most basic level that a singer should never feel pain when singing, but through proper technique, singing can become simplistically beautiful. Her knowledge of the many languages used for classical music is pivotal for beginning though advanced singers, teaching proper diction and interpretation of lyrics as they pertain to the work as a whole. Her career has taken her all over the world and her understanding of what opera companies are looking for is information that singers often need but over look. Dubravka will transform a singer's talent by sharing with them breathing exercises, vocalized examples, and creative insights. She is an excellent teacher to work with, very clear in her directions, and extremely diligent to furthering the singers career and dreams. I would highly recommend Dubravka to all of my classmates and fellow singers.

Amanda Strader
B.A.from The University of California, Berkeley VoiceStudent at Saddleback College


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